Scorpio 17-18 A Woods Rich In Autumn Coloring


After I had written Taurus 17-18 A Woman Holding A Bag Out Of A Window I became depressed as the day was cold and I was so tired. I became depressed because Summer was definitely over and I was dreading Winter, because this house is so cold, and after 5 years of living here, I saw it as a jail. I know that I was tired and that affects my thoughts, so I asked the Rhetoracle what I should focus on, and I got this symbol! Right, don't focus on Winter, because it's Autumn now and actually the best time of year because it's neither too hot nor too cold! Clearly I was looking too far ahead and not enjoying the moment. And clearly this symbol was very literal for me.

What was interesting and adds another layer to this was the fact that this symbol is on the astrological cross with Taurus 17-18 A Woman Holding A Bag Out Of A Window and Aquarius 17-18 A Man Unmasked. I feel, based on this limited experience today of writing the former symbol and then asked to focus on A Woods Rich In Autumn Coloring, that this symbol is about opening your eyes to seeing what is really there. How beautiful the different colours of nature, and how beautiful the different colours of ourselves? The Scorpio energy of this degree seems to be very aware and accepting of all the dark and light colours that make up the picture.

Further, I note the word "rich" in the symbol, and considering I had written about wealth in the Woman Holding A Bag, I also view this symbol has a sort of "counting our blessings" kind of vibe. That there is a lot of beauty we are privileged to witness that we don't have to own. I love watching the signs of the universe and my main Love Language is Words Of Affirmation, so I look out for signs that the universe loves me, or confirmation that I'm on the right path. I stood under a tree waving my child off into school the other day, and as I did, the wind gently blew the yellow leaves off the tree and we were showered with "gold". That made me so happy and I felt so loved! When you feel good, you can deal with anything, but when you don't, you struggle. That symbol of being showered with gold came back a week later when my mother-in-law gave my daughter a card with money inside - as she opened it, the brightly coloured money fluttered and fell like autumn leaves, reminding me of this symbol.

This symbol also makes me think of how the leaves are actually dying, and in so doing, show their glory. A lot of plants do this - where regions have been drought-affected, and plants that have struggled basically know that they are going to die, they push all their remaining energy and life-force into flowering and throwing out their seed in the hopes that creating the next generation will somehow continue their species, should conditions get better. So the observer, in the middle of drought, may see an area absolutely gorgeous with flowers, as if it were a lush springtime - but in fact is the last hopeful gamble of life.
However, for me, as I am going through a period of "quiet" where my masks and bags are dropping, this symbol is showing me the different aspects/colours of these masks and bags as they drop. Just as the leaves, when green, allow the tree to live by photosynthesis to generate energy, so our masks and bags have allowed us to learn the different sides of ourselves. We try them on, we can take them off, and sometimes, they don't fit anymore so they beautifully shed. I do not have to regret my experiences, I do not have to regret my past - I can appreciate where aspects of myself have been expressed (maybe not so pretty at the time, but needed for survival, or emotional expression in human common etc etc). If I was to use a keyword for this symbol, for me it would be "detachment" as the masks fall. One aspect of detachment is that you are less able to be affected by the external, and yet you can therefore enjoy the blessings more, as these become a pleasant surprise. I had an outing recently with a group of people who I decided to detach from, so I didn't expect anything from them and was just happy to be civil and get through the lunch. In fact, it turned out to be a wonderful lunch, filled with good times for me, because I had no expectations and surprisingly everybody was in a good mood. It was as if I was released from my judgements/expectations/attachments and therefore able to enjoy the moment more.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

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Apr 30, 2024
Midheaven at 18* Scorpio NEW
by: Zo ë

This is my midheaven degree and I truly resonate with these interpretations. My North Node is also close by in Scorpio and conjunct Uranus so this degree feels like the culminating point of an epic journey to release the opposing degrees of Taurus (sth node at 6 degrees and conjunct Chiron!). I am personally experiencing this degree as the arrival at a long pursued sense of wholeness, acceptance of past and appreciation of the experiences that have sculpted me. It’s falling in love with one’s story of becoming, which could never be fast forwarded or avoided because, as for the trees, my seed carried its own divine blueprint all along. It’s the outbreath after a lot of strenuous Breathwork when you realise you can finally relax and give up the efforting and all is as it should be.

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