Taurus 0-1 A Clear Mountain Stream

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A friend of mine has her Sednar on this degree.
Find yours at the free horoscope from Astrodienst (www.astro.com). I particularly like Richard Brown's interpretation of Sednar/Sedna, the Inuit Goddess of the Sea.

From Wikipedia, there are many versions of the Sedna myth: one being that "Sedna is kidnapped by a bird creature. Her father rescues her from the floating ice-island where she is imprisoned but a storm creates huge waves to kill them. Her father throws Sedna overboard in the hope that this will appease the angry god. Sedna clings to the kayak but her father grabs a little axe and chops her fingers off which sends Sedna to the ocean floor where she resides, commanding the animals of the sea.
She is then worshiped by hunters who depend on her goodwill to supply food."

According to Richard Brown, it is about the theme of victimisation, whether you receive it, or as you evolve, refuse to receive it and ensure (at higher and higher levels of evolution) that others learn respect otherwise they do not receive your help.

For a long time my friend and I didn't understand what Sedna on this symbol could mean and we settled on the idea that she does feel the she "goes along with the flow" like the stream, which doesn't go particularly well for her. But we didn't know how she was turning this into a higher evolution, until recently when events occurred to enlighten us.

She had recently gone through a huge verbal firestorm with her in-laws, who were projecting their negative emotions onto her as a proxy for an abusive member of the family that was long-dead. We had worked out that this was due to other things related to her horoscope that she was working through. The drama had culminated in her partner deciding to "divorce" his toxic family as they had basically shown themselves to be rabid, irrational, and lacking any compassion or civillity (to be fair on them, they had a lot of repressed pain that is in the process of rebelling against it's repression). My friend and her partner decided to cut further contact from the toxicity because they felt they no longer wanted that in their life, they had moved on.
For a day or two things had settled, but then a very attacking text message was sent to my friend from the sister-in-law. It was a very long, extremely negative and derogatory rant, and is now kept in case my friend needs to use it for evidence to the police for any reason.
The main thing that was most important, though, was the shock and hurt that arose in my friend upon reading the text. Clearly there is no surprise that the sister-in-law has this negativity in her, given there was a huge drama recently, but my friend was very emotional at the venom that was directed at her.
Like any of us, our inner child is always looking for approval and trying to avoid disapproval. Our adult selves can cope with life and has learned to survive, but the inner child in us will not listen to reason and still gets hurt and still looks for answers and whys. (The inner child will also rebel if one as the "adult" ignores the inner voice and heart for too long - as the adult we should be able to take care of our inner child, not ignore it to chase external approval.)
At the time of the dramas, she had received a lot of signs about her African child-bride past life and she knew from a trusted psychic (you know when you feel chills or have a body resonance with the information you get) that she had been the child-victim of a Mayan sacrifice because her horoscope at the time had meant abundance to that culture, so they sacrificed her to the gods as a gift.

One of the things she mentions a few times is that she feels like she has little sense of self - that it is always the group that dominates her.

We had been discussing one of her issues with a colleague at work, who fosters children. My friend absolutely hates this colleague and as she believes that the outer life reflects the inner life, she wondered if there was something about herself that she didn't like in the colleague. The colleague treated the foster children as very inferior to the rest of her own children, and was using the money from fostering them to fund her own family's holidays (while the foster children stay home with grandma), and generally considered the children (two brothers) as the unwanted bycatch of the foster money. This woman considered "getting rid" of the older brother because he seemed to be "too much trouble" which shocked my friend because you don't split up family, especially not kids that have been to hell and back. My friend says this colleague's oldest son is clearly worse than the foster kid, and the colleague has no qualms about admitting her greed and hypocrisy, clearly believing her attitude is acceptable to society.

So just putting two and two together we realised that the reason my friend hates her colleague is that my friend identifies with these two boys - children sacrificed for money/abundance, just like a Mayan child-sacrifice and an African child-bride. And that these cultures accepted these sacrifices - each person in the culture is either 1/glad it's not them, and/or 2/brainwashed by the cult, and/or 3/benefits e.g. gods smile on you, or you might gain something (like genocide is the cover for the opportunity to kill one's neighbour for his land) and/or 4/happy to dehumanise someone in order to kill them, like an animal for meat, and/or 5/ happy to project their evil onto the person being victimised ...etc etc).

As someone with lifetimes as the person getting stooged, and in this case, probably being the only one getting stooged (child-brides are likely the only unhappy ones at the wedding, or the child-sacrifice is the only one thinking this is bad at the god-festival/feast - well maybe a couple of family members will grieve too, but this is still in the minority (interestingly, this friend's daughter has her Midheaven on Libra 7-8 A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home - she and I believe her daughter was "there" in Mayan times and sorely missed the child that was sacrificed, only ever yearning for that child to come home again - well, millenia later she did!)
So there is little understanding or compassion for her point of view: "what's your problem, why are you such a downer, why can't you be happy - see, cake!"

The challenge for my friend's inner child was to SEE that there are so many reasons for "good people to do nothing" or for groups to do evil (yes she had her heart-broken in a nazi past life too) and to accept that in being sacrificed, it was not HER stains she was carrying, but other people's. That while life puts her in a group of dominating people that she disagrees with, her opinion is still TRUE and valid, and that the external validation from the group is not going to happen, and the answers for why they are the way they are is not going to come from them.
Her inner child needed to accept that she was not the "bad one" in the group, and that it was just that their will dominated her literal self.
Fighting, reasoning, preparing herself in survival, standing up for herself were all ways in this life she stood against the crowd but as her North node is Taurus 21-22 White Dove Over Troubled Waters, she needed to just move on and away from the water of drama and emotion, and be free.

In this context we understood the meaning of Sednar on this symbol of A Clear Mountain Stream.
One one level, yes it is about the victimisation of going with the flow. But deeper, it is about how people around my friend will wash their hands free of their wrongdoing - claiming society or the gods made them do it, or happily believe that the wrongdoing is acceptable. They wash their hands and clear their hearts of responsibility for their collective acceptance of horror done to someone else. They wash their hands and instead of standing in their own authority, blame the bully gods or other entity, or the victim for the wrongdoing.
My friend is transforming this victimisation into her own power of refusing to be stained by the crowd's wrongdoing or wrongthinking. Just as any abused child is not at fault, yet struggles to realise this, so the inner child needs to divest itself of the roles that never fit (it is not something to be crucified and demonised - it is the light; it is not the trouble maker but the symptom of a larger cultural problem).
So my friend is now on her way to claiming back her own "Clear Mountain Stream".

What is YOUR experience of this Taurus energy?

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