Taurus 5-6 A Bridge Being Built Across A Gorge

<tt>Julie Engel @ freeimages.com</tt>

Julie Engel @ freeimages.com

I have my South Node on this degree. Apparently this is a skill that I bring from many lifetimes, however it will only get me so far, and so I need to concentrate on achieving my North Node as it is my path of spiritual progression. I am still trying to work out what this means in my life, but as I am happy, I don't feel the urge to answer every mystery! When the time is right, I'll know :)

Ok so 4 months later I now have an update on this degree. I did a guided meditation with a wise woman and in it I watched a massive landslide in a snowy region. I was part of the rebuilding effort and had the feeling that I had lost many friends and family members, but the rebuilding and workaholism of achieving this helped my grieving. In this life I have indeed had messages from previous meditations that my role is a nurturer and witness in this life, and that the image I got was of myself in a ski lodge. I have been in and out of ski lodges irregularly since I was 13 years old, as a worker and as a punter, funnily enough. I worked as ski lodge manager next to an area that had landslipped and the town had recently restored that area. I personally donate to disaster relief because that resonates with me for some reason (I had previously attributed it to my father dying when I was 7 - viewing it a sudden "disaster" - which is interesting because I don't donate to medical causes even though he died of health reasons).
I have had many people tell me I am a hard worker and a team player (I used to be in the army also), and what these attributes reward me with is the camaraderie of people who have "been in the sh*t" with me. Unfortunately, as a south node, this has been a hit and miss reward, so I need to move toward my North node at the opposite degree (Scorpio 5-6 A Gold Rush), which for me seems to be about moving away toward the opportunities or rewards rather than staying behind (to rebuild, or maintain connections).

In trying to understand this degree I had thought of another layer: my energetic relationship with my father's family. The South node is where we have definite skills and talents due to lifetimes of experience. My father's family name is Bridge, and while I had an early relationship with this side of the family, I no longer have anything to do with them. It has just been a natural drifting apart, the fact of being interstate and that this side of the family is not close-knit at all, as well as the fact that I literally burned my bridges with them by having a go at a particular member of this family. So we leave behind our South node to pursue our North node. Before, I felt pain about this lack of relationship, but I decided to view this as representing the past in my South node. Funnily enough my mother has always said I inherited this side of the family's gifts, traits and intelligence.

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