Taurus 9-10 A Red Cross Nurse

<tt>IWMART5194 Hatherell William Via Wikimedia Commons</tt>

IWMART5194 Hatherell William Via Wikimedia Commons

A friend of mine has her Venus on this degree. Funnily enough, she is a paramedic and has a passion for health, as well as helping people.

Aside from this, I can only offer some mental meanderings about this as part of the Taurus/ Aquarius/ Scorpio/ Leo cross.

I have been wondering about considering all aspects of a cross when we go deeper into our experiences - are the other parts of the cross our repressed selves that need balancing? Do we attract partners of the cross to learn about different perspectives of the main theme of the cross?

For example, if I look at this symbol with Aquarius 9-10 A Popularity That Proves Ephemeral, Scorpio 9-10 A Fellowship Supper and Leo 9-10 Early Morning Dew, the theme that springs to my mind is about the importance of self-care to continue to work or serve.

Just quickly: we start with a Red-Cross Nurse, who is probably very popular in a crisis (Aquarius) but probably not acknowledged nor appreciated (this is a nod to the stories my health-industry friends tell me) although there is comfort in some solidarity, validation and dark humour of fellow health-workers or even just the support of friends or family who understand (Scorpio). One of the primary ways we can feel better is with food, and a fellowship supper can feed our soul too. After this rest and healing, we can begin a new day refreshed (Leo) - and go back out into the $#!% again (Taurus)!

My friend Pam is a nurse and also has the Aquarius and Leo symbols in her natal chart. However her personal symbols are Taurus - Watching Dew Slide From A Leaf (I had to laugh at this - she doesn't like nursing); Aquarius - A Cat As A Scribe; Scorpio - The Inscription Of Love; Leo - A Hammock.

To my mind, her Dew Sliding From A Leaf gives me an image of wilting! Probably an idea of how energy is sucked out of her in her job.
Her Aquarian symbol (to me) refers to how her cat began to take on Pam's illnesses, what some have referred to as wicking the illness away. Some pets do this for us, and it is also well known how healing the company of a pet is. Pam used to get a pus build-up in her eye (due to a subconscious desire not to see the problems in her workplace, which were similar to problems in a past life), and stopped getting them - but the cat began to manifest the same pus build-up in the same eye. The cat was a scribe showing Pam the issues were still there, just that Pam herself didn't have to physically suffer the symptoms anymore.
The scribing theme continues with her Scorpio Inscription of Love, which I feel resonates with the Sabian Symbol also - that of love and fellowship that are a necessary part of healing and refreshing the soul.
Pam's Leo symbol is A Hammock, clearly continuing the idea of rest and self-care, before the Dew Slides From A Leaf in her nursing career (Taurus again).
Implied in Pam's cross is the idea of self-less acts of love or care (Dew Sliding, Cat Scribe, Inscription of Love - and notably, she got into the nursing profession at the behest of her mother) balanced with the necessarily self-ish need for rest and self-care. Which I also think correlates well with the Sabian Cross above.

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Taurus karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Many thanks!

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