Sagittarius 19-20 Men Cutting Through Ice


My friend Pam's story is below:

My friend (Sun in Leo) has Saturn on this 19’ Sagittarius Men Cutting through Ice (in 5th house - Childhood). His Saturn is conjunct his natal Moon - emotional development). He describes as cold his father (Saturn) an ice man, showing very little love, his family home physically and emotionally "cold" and abusive.
This childhood springboard thrust him into teenage years of motor vehicle accidents, assaults and a lack of motivation and achievement. His creative spirit had been ‘frozen’ therefore leaving him directionless. Drugs and alcohol became a part of his leisure lifestyle, which allowed him to experience laughter and joy.
His own family home was built as a replica of his childhood home. Cold, frozen and little laughter. This period ended in divorce, child maintenance and near bankruptcy. He needed to review his karmic story. (Saturn)
Love, joy and laughter were missing from his life. He had to start cutting through the ice.

Sometimes Saturn gives us very hard-won lessons. I now realise from Pam's understanding of this symbol, that an ex-husband of a painter friend has his North node on this degree. In order for him to karmically evolve he needs to cut through the ice of his own making (which he also learned from a similar childhood to your friend) and do some personal development to release some severely repressed (and therefore, now demonic) emotions that result in sociopathic behaviour. While he had a wife who was very caring and into personal development, and he had a lot of access and interaction with therapists, he had Saturn on Cancer 23 - An Explorer leads a Reindeer which meant he couldn't be led through his own personal development, even when that meant following his path of spiritual progression of cutting through ice!
Thank you so much for your story Pam, which has helped me understand another's. This is all very much like solving a puzzle!

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