Scorpio 15-16 A Girl's Face Breaking Into A Smile


I recently had an experience that was explained by Voice Dialogue, a psychological framework that for me revealed the truths of my inner selves and the need to referee between them. Once I had processed these learnings, it seems that the logical conclusion to listening, learning about and being comfortable with these selves is to love them anyway. And if the external reflects the internal, i.e. your partner or in-laws are painful, then what is left but to just accept them and love them (as yourself) anyway? Sometimes the personas are unpleasant, but just love them anyway. In the face of a Rebellious Daughter persona, just smile.

While it is easy to write this, let me assure you that a lot of personal experience and development had to occur before this made sense at a cellular level.

In a sense, it is about forgiveness. The easier it is for you to forgive, then then freer you will feel about others forgiving you (or not forgiving you!). To forgive yourself (be friends with your inner selves) you have to realise that at any time, an inner self was in the driver's seat, with their own history, health and point of view. The easier it is to accept the many selves you have, the easier it is to accept and forgive others, and the easier to realise that relationships are often blocked or delayed while you wait for the other person to learn exactly this about themselves. The Inner Critic, for example, will say that you are too bad of a person to deserve forgiveness, and that you need to "do better" next time, and the Inner Masochist might say you deserve punishment. You might project onto another person these thoughts you are telling yourself, believing that they are also thinking the same about you, so you are stuck and the relationship does not move forward. When you have mastery over selves like these, you become friends with yourself, and forgiveness in general is easier.

Further to the point about waiting while others learn self-acceptance to move forward, this particular symbol exactly describes my experience while I do this. I cannot actually tell people what I have learned for myself, because it is too hard to explain to them. They are not at a place where this will make sense. People gotta be themselves, gotta walk their own paths. Who am I to tell them they are in a "wrong" place? This is not like the opposite symbol Taurus 15-16 An Old Man Attempting Vainly To Reveal The Mysteries, because The Scorpio gal is not even bothering to reveal the mysteries. For all she knows, other people have their own mysteries and are kind enough to keep those to their-dang-selves!

This experience I'm having with the symbol also coincides with a course I am taking where I learn to facilitate primary school kids in various ethical discussions. The training stressed that we could not express our own opinion, and that we were there to allow the kids to express and explore theirs. So I learned a lot of neutral responses, open and inviting body language, to make the students feel comfortable and trusting about engaging with the class. Smiling and nodding! Also, I had read a negotiation book just prior to training, called Never Split the Difference written by an ex-hostage negotiator turned business negotiator. The author was also a big fan of smiling and nodding, drawing the other person out, to give you more information (and leverage! to make decisions. Actually this might be where Aquarius 15-16 A Big-Businessman At His Desk fits on the cross of 15-16 Scorpio/Taurus/Aquarius/Leo.) In each case, dealing with other people and their personas, the more comfortable you are with yours, the easier it is to deal with theirs.

This learning about Voice Dialogue has helped me to understand why two people I know with this symbol seem to tolerate difficult people so well. At first I thought it meant they were positive people, now I wonder if they have a strong sense of self-acceptance that they transfer to others, loving them anyway! I am personally not "there" yet, and I find this aspect of the symbol to be very admirable and courageous. I am still at a stage of distrust and shying away from people I fear - rather than being brave enough to break into a smile at them. Right now I am kind of inspired by this symbol. Next time I face the in-laws, I'll challenge myself to genuinely smile!

Does any part of the symbol resonate with you?

Share your experiences of this Scorpio karma!

Do any of the astrological bodies (Venus, Jupiter, Chiron etc) fall on this symbol for you? What has it meant in your life?

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Many thanks!

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Feb 18, 2017
Scorpio 15 - 16 IC
by: Anonymous

A Girls Face Breaking Into A Smile

This symbol Scorpio 15 - 16’, my partner has on his IC, the midnight point and cusp of the 4th house in his chart. Ones family history and psychological roots. This is the point at which we enter the underworld of our own internal psyche, turning inward to meet the essence of who we are in this lifetime.
At first glance I tried to determine the inner meaning of this degree for him, which I found challenging. It appears such a childish simple answer, we smile because we are expressing pleasure, happiness etc etc, On the surface one could deduce that his internal psyche is happy, smiling and content. On par with the buddhists inner soft spot "bodhichitta", our good heart.
His family roots pleasurable and amicable, coupled with a natural set of perfectly straight white teeth under a wide brimmed flashing smile.(It’s ruler Pluto in the first conjunct the dazzling Leo Sun and Mercury sextile dreamy Neptune in the 3rd). Happy Days!
So end of story….or maybe not so, as the sign Scorpio often makes us dig for our gold amongst the raw earth.
When one peers past the beaming smile and investigates more deeply, we find a genetic line of fear, unhappiness, abuse and indifference.
As Scorpions are known for their armour and sting, childhood vulnerability and torment were the dark manure to be transformed this life.
Partnered with Cancer on the ascendent, another defensive creature moving through the world, this was to be a long and painful road.
Pluto the ruler of this symbol stripped him bare and left him questioning his lot in life. Is there really a divine spark within?
Learning from childhood a defensive covering of tough skin to survive as Scorpions and Crabs do in their harsh environments, he needed the courage to show his inner nakedness and show whats good about himself.

Being human means we need sunlight to thrive, so as a seed pushes through the deep dark soil to pierce the ground above, this journey has needed plentiful reserves of energy to complete the personal (1st house) transformation of physical expression of "the girl’s face breaking into a smile". (The Bodhichitta).

Feb 18, 2017
Thank you :)
by: Bek

What a concise, insightful description of Scorpio toughness and courage to be vulnerable. I love how different perceptions add so much to our collective experiences and symbolic meanings. Thank you for continuing the discussion!

Nov 03, 2020
Mars at 15 Scorpio
by: Oracular Spectacular

My Mars placement here has been a challenge for me (forms a grand cross with an Aquarius moon, Leo Venus, and Taurus Chiron), and I've largely rejected the Scorpio parts of my personality until recently. As I reflected on what I came to call "the waters of Mars," the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer came to me. I realized the Slayer archetype is a perfect distillation of my Scorpio energy. I'm going to briefly describe the end of the show, so anyone who doesn't want to be spoiled should look away (or go watch Buffy!):

After seven years of feeling isolated and burdened, and unable to gain traction with a normal personal life, Buffy is finally able to share her power (inherited from a lineage of girls who had a demonic power forced into their body by medicine men who wanted a weapon against supernatural forces) with all of the girls who carried the same yet to be fulfilled potential. This flowing of her power to other women ends her isolation, and gives them the final edge to defeat a primal evil. At last, they manage to escape an entire town's collapse into the hellmouth, having saved the world (again). Buffy's younger sister asks, "What's next?" The last shot of the series is Buffy's face breaking into a smile. It's a pitch perfect ending and uplifting in ways I can barely begin to describe.

Discovering this connection tonight is just perfect. I always try to take the time to marvel at the oracular spectacular of life when it is on display, and this one hit like a bolt. Thank you very much.

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