Leo 20-21 Chickens Intoxicated

<tt>Audrey Johnson @ freeimages.com</tt>

Audrey Johnson @ freeimages.com

Yes, chickens do get drunk. Fermented fruit, wet feed that ferments a little, chickens love it. What's so good about that? The eggs fall out easier, the chickens are easier to kill, because they're more relaxed without their high-strung Chicken Little wits about them.

I have this degree (Ceres) on the cross with my daughters and partner who have Scorpio 20-21 A Soldier Derelict In Duty (Midheaven, North Node, and Part of Fortune respectively), my niece and brother-in-law who have Earth and Mercury respectively on Aquarius 20-21 A Woman Disappointed And Disillusioned, the latter two people I have personally had difficulty "loving" and interacting with, even though I understand and empathise with their "attitudes".

The final part of the cross is Taurus 20-21 A Finger Pointing In An Open Book which I speculate to be about rules, prior knowledge, facts, "what is written" and therefore referenced as/with authority (finger).

So let me start with the Chickens Intoxicated, who are more relaxed, seemingly in contrast to the Taurean rules, but in a sense would also lack a will to resist the Taurean authoritarianism. The Chickens might also find the Taurean structure comforting, or turn to drink to cope with it (which is how I might think I will deal with my in-laws next time I see them - and I'm a teetotaller)!

Moving into the Scorpio soldier, I speculate that you can put a uniform on the soldier but if the soldier isn't aligned with the paradigm written in the rule book, hearts and minds not engaged with the duty expected, then yes, the soldier will be derelict, and not perform as one who is aligned. (This contrasts to the next degree Scorpio 21-22 Hunters Starting Out For Ducks which is about alignment.)

And of course, the result is someone who is disappointed and disillusioned with that under-performing soldier (Aquarius), who could point to the part of the rule book as to why she is disappointed, and turn to drink to try to cope with her own emotions!!

Moving in the other direction, we can have societal rules and roles (Taurus) that limit a person's freedoms (Aquarian woman) who in a (re/de)pressed state herself will not fulfil those roles as she is not aligned with them (Scorpio), and in finding her own small way of rebelling (maybe passive aggressively?) by doing the bare minimum, she can find some space to be herself (Leo), probably through partying. Or she can relieve some anxiety about not fulfilling a societal role "properly" by turning to drink or another coping mechanism. The Leo chickens in a sense are about not being in our right minds, finding an altered state.

For me personally, I find my niece and brother-in-law challenging (and the other in-laws at the moment), however writing about this does help me gain perspective to accept them more, and therefore accept the parts of myself that they represent to me.

I can see that my own immediate family also provide a challenge for these two, as we represent the other parts of the cross, and dealing with the same issue of non-alignment of values within the larger family structure in different ways. This difference in coping can look like judgement to the other parts of the cross: Leo says to Aquarius "why can't you just enjoy the what little there is to enjoy instead of ruining even that with your sour face?", while Aquarius is saying to Leo "can't you see what is REALLY going on!!!! Don't you see what THEY ARE DOING TO US?". (THEY being my parental in-laws, and the fact that they have been very invasive and dominating to my brother in-law and his immediate family, resulting in a lot of buried resentment, which of course the youngest - the neice - expresses because children can express the repressed personalities of the adults around them.

As this cross is personal to me, I thought of using my Bekian personal symbols to see what I was projecting onto others. I had Coffee Gone Cold (Taurus), A Sea Horse (Leo), A Choir Of Crickets (Scorpio) and A Long Awaited Silence (Aquarius).
Coffee will still have caffeine to spur action but as it has gone cold, it is not as enjoyable and comforting like a hot cup.
My personal idea of A Sea Horse is that it is whimsical and delightful and cute, but so vulnerable and it likes to hide.
A Choir of Crickets is actually funny to me, as it means silence that is accentuated by crickets - like an awkward silence where everyone knows something embarrassing or mortifying just happened but nobody says anything. It can mean a lack of response. My sister-in-law has Saturn on the Soldier (and therefore the Crickets) which I project to be about how she/I hate to be bored, and need to stimulate our mental selves (god forbid there be nothing in our heads except crickets chirping!)
Finally the Silence in Aquarius develops the Crickets theme, because there are not even crickets and the silence is pure. I imagine someone has finally given Aquarius whatever it wants so that it "shuts up", stops complaining!
In general the theme for this personal cross is It Is Really Unappealing But Someone Has To Be Part Of This Family (Taurus), Ok I'm Here But I'd Rather Hide (Leo), So I'll Be Present in Body But Not In Mind (Scorpio), If That Will Shut You Up (Aquarius).

Aaaand that about sums up my attitude to them!

However what I have found helpful about writing this cross is that I see our problems are misplaced. The chickens and the woman are bickering over how they are coping with the issue, rather than stepping out of the situation itself, or focussing on the people causing the discontent. Cue a dragon to blow that sh!t up.

UPDATE: Ten months after writing the above, I clicked on the Sabian Oracle with "Alzheimers" in my mind, and got this degree in response. According to Lise Bourbeau, the emotional root of Alzheimers is that the sufferer has simmered in silence and spent a long time quietly angry duing a life of over-responsibility and obligation. The Alzheimers is not a problem for the "sufferer" but for the family that are now controlled by the Alzheimers sufferer through the condition - the sufferer finally cared for and allowed to release responsibility. Which gives an interesting frame for the whole cross too.

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